About the Workshop

A Sanctuary for Conversation responds to the North American Division’s Statement on Human Sexuality, which states, “The vital and opportune role of the Adventist Church is to educate its members about sexuality and purity within the context of grace.”

This workshop also addresses the General Conference’s Call for Peace, which states, “There needs to be dialogue and discussion in place of diatribe. In particular, Christians should always be ready to ‘reason together,’ as the Bible says.”

Included are active learning activities and interviews with LGBT+ people and parents of LGBT+ children. Additionally, a professional psychologist will define terms and answer questions about orientation and gender. Participants will learn better listening skills, statistics about LGBT+ youth, the difference between acceptance and agreement, and signs of safe and unsafe churches. At the end of the workshop participants brainstorm practical ways to transform their church into a sanctuary for Jesus and for God’s Holy Spirit.

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About Us

Open Dialogue Resources was created by a group of Seventh-day Adventists committed to positive, healing, informed, authentic conversations in the church.

The Sanctuary for Conversation workbook and leader’s guide were created by Chris Blake with Cassie Martsching and Aphelandra Messer.